What I Did On My Holidays

Chapter 11

San Francisco

Day 6

Apart from someone dropping their luggage on me from an overhead locker, the arrival process went very smoothly. We walked off the plane, said "Hi!" to Christine and picked up our bags. We spent more time walking through the car park to the car. Most unairport like.

Things continued to go smoothly when Christine scored a parking spot right outside the door to the apartment. This part of S.F. is Nob Hill. Where the hills are. You've probably seen it in a film or on TV. It is a residential area, but it consists of three or more story apartments with no off street parking, has clearways on the main roads, so there isn't much parking and lots of demand for it. If you can't get a parking spot on the streets, the nearby multi-storey parking places charge a mere $18 a night. Christine said that she had spent 40 minutes circling looking for somewhere to park. So a spot at your front door is good value round here.

Darren and Christine's apartment is not large. Our accommodation was in the spare bedroom. And lounge, and dining room, and study, and kitchen. The rest of the apartment consisted of the master bedroom, a bathroom and a cupboard. Normally a cupboard isn't worth mentioning, but in a place this size, it is significant. As the couch had converted to the spare bed for us, there were now only five chairs in the apartment for the six occupants. Luckily, the two cats weren't insisting on their own chairs.

Christine has two cats, Sylvester and Samantha, both mostly black, fluffy cats that have been declawed on the front. This led to some mental distress when they stretched up to apparently sharpen their claws on your leg. Instead of having your leg shredded, you just have this odd sensation of being patted. Your brain has registered a cat about to cause serious pain and before your body can point out that there is no pain actually happening, you have already jumped.

One drawback of living in this part of the world is the apartment windows look out over a major city street. You can hear the pedestrians walk by, drunken shouting in the middle of the night, and every single car go horn.

"How often do the cars go by?"
"So often you won't even notice them."

Ha. I could always rely on extreme tiredness to get to sleep.


Who said post-it notes don't have good advice?


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